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Your daily Chinese astrology, Rat. Chinese zodiac sign Rat daily astrology predictions include daily Rat love and money. Chinese zodiac forecasts for Rat are updated every day for today and tomorrow throughout 2016. Daily Rat astrology, free from HoroscopeAstrologyTarot.com.

Rat Daily Chinese Astrology for Today

Daily horoscope and Rat astrology predictions for Wednesday, May 4, 2016. Today's free daily Chinese astrology reading for Rat!

Horoscope Free for 04 May 2016

  • Rat Daily Chinese Astrology
    Rat Zodiac Sign
    You will be getting some good news about some lifestyle changes you have been making. You could be losing weight or getting in better shape, and this is making you extremely attractive. You may get a special invitation to a dance or dinner party.

Chinese Daily Astrology Rat Tomorrow

See the future for fame, luck and fortune Rat with your daily Chinese astrology prediction and zodiac forecast for Rat for tomorrow.

Horoscope Free for 05 May 2016

  • Rat Chinese Astrology
    Rat Zodiac Sign
    her than worrying about pleasing someone who may be impossible to please, stay focused on your own desires and needs. Dragon You have a wonderfully romantic aspect in your chart, and chances are you'll be making eyes at someone special right now. If you are single, the best place to meet someone new right now is in a record store, at a rock concert, anywhere where music is shared and enjoyed. Snake A financial challenge may bring unexpected opportunities. You may find that you have something hidden or an unexpected benefactor. If things look challenging, keep your chin up. It will not last long, and when you overcome the problem, you will be a lot stronger. Horse A friend could pooh-pooh or put down your plans for a home move or home-based business, but it is beginning to look more strongly like the gamble you are making is actually about to pay off. You will be over-extended, though, and they are right that there are risks. Sheep You are about to get the shock of your life at work - someone who is normally the old stick in the mud, or the tight-wad for your budget, suddenly and dramatically lightens up. There are wonderful opportunities to make money and improve your position right now. Monkey Friends and companions are a source of stress and joy at the same time right now. One group is working to help fix up your love life, the other is getting in the way of paperwork, research or travel plans. You may have to push someone out of the way in order to get the job done. Rooster Your family has dropped the other shoe. All that affection you have been getting has some strings attached. It may include a lot more work than you expected. Time to hunt around for the responsible parties and get them to ante up some time, money or resources to help. Dog You will find deep and abiding changes are happening in the workplace. Don't fear or resist them as they are absolutely vital to sweeping you to a much more prosperous and happy position in the long term. Don't let yourself be bullied or guilted into taking on work you are not paid for. Pig Don't worry. No matter far down your throat you jam your foot right now, your words will still pop out smelling like roses. Just be careful when signing documents or sending out paperwork that calls for action. Chances are excellent that you will have to be doing some serious re-writing. Rat A friend or companion will be a huge help and comfort to you right now. There will be no shortage of people who are interested in what you have to say. You can make new friends and meet people right now. You could be the recipient of a happy long-distance phone call. Expect to hear good news.

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