Cancer Zodiac Astrology - Financial, Money and Business

Our financial astrology Cancer is released weekly and monthly. Predictions and forecasts cover zodiac influences on money, career, work and business. Financial astrology for Cancer is a good way to stay abreast of shifts in your income, investments, the stock market and your money situation. Cancer financial astrology is the best way to follow astrological trends in your finances, job and money.

Weekly Cancer Money and Finances

Horoscope Free for week beginning 24 October 2016

  • Cancer Financial Astrology
    Cancer Zodiac Sign
    On Wednesday Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos, will be just two weeks away from your financial sector and a chance to fire things up on the financial front, in a way you haven't had a chance to do for nearly two years. While this gives you time to explore your options and wise up on money matters, of more immediate concern and especially in the early part of the week is the Moon's monthly visit to your income sector and not just the nose for money this brings, but the impeccable timing. As Venus spends her first full week in your work sector she was always going to have an eye on where the money is, with a chance for some breakthroughs on both the job and income fronts over the coming weeks. However, moving into the week with the Moon already in your income sector will ensure you're paying attention from the get go.

Weekly Cancer Business and Career

Horoscope Free for week beginning 24 October 2016

  • Cancer Weekly Astrology
    Cancer Zodiac Sign
    Another week and another show of support from the professional gods, as last week's pressure makes way for a new sense of confidence on both the job and career fronts. Yet while the work/life balance tension and professional pressure in general that came to a head over the last few weeks draws back, in its place is a new sense of confidence and defiance, already appreciating the push this has given things. As she spends her first full week in your work sector Venus has the gloves off, knowing from the get go how to play things. For having moved into the year with Venus in your work sector, she has come full circle in record time, so much so that with the Sun still a month away she's able to get in first and through your heart, influence the direction things take. As the week progresses your confidence and a sense of resolve will both rise.

Cancer Monthly Financial Astrology

Horoscope Free for October 2016

  • Cancer Monthly Astrology
    Cancer Zodiac Sign
    For you this is not a particularly financially focused time of the year, though there will be hints at various points throughout the month that suggest you're a lot better positioned than you think you are. By the time the Moon moves through your financial sector from the 10th October to the 13th October Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos will be just a month away from his first visit in two years and with money matters not usually coming onto your radar until January, this will be the first clue that the money gods have more to give this year. Normally, once the Sun leaves your income sector in August, there is no more planetary activity in either of your two money houses for the rest of the year. But the fact that Mars is just a month away, but at this stage this is something that only your financial instincts and sixth sense is picking up on, it will be more a chance to listen to your emotional, intuitive and imaginative responses than over thinking things. In the meantime, the Moon's return to your income sector, from the 23rd October to the 25th October, will see a nose for money kick in just five days after Venus' return to your work sector and with the Sun still a month away and Mars having left late last month, the timing couldn't be better. With Mars' longest visit to your work sector in two decades having wrapped up just three weeks before Venus' return, the job opportunities and confidence opening up then will be extreme, with a nose for money kicking in at a critical point in your professional year. While she may be wearing her professional hat when she returns to your work sector on the 18th October, Venus is a money god at heart and with the help of the Moon's return to your income sector, from the 23rd October to the 25th October, you'll not only know where the money is, you're likely to attract it.

Monthly Business for Cancer Zodiac Sign

Horoscope Free for October 2016

  • Cancer Astrology
    Cancer Zodiac Sign
    Mars' departure from your work sector in the closing days of September means that the last month's manic pace is behind you, as is the busy pace that has dogged the majority of the last six months. When Mars returned to your work sector in early March for what should have been a six week mission to fuel your work passions, fighting and competitive spirit and get things moving on the work front, he knew this was going to be no ordinary update. For teaming up with Saturn for the first time in 28 years Mars realised that this time around you had the power to move mountains if you had to and make the kind of progress and breakthroughs on the work front that you've waited three decades for. It's no wonder then that this required more than six weeks, with the warrior planet of the cosmos not only spending time in retrograde motion but at one point retrograding right out, starting again with a fresh start in early August. The pace picked up dramatically from early August and continued to increase until, by the later part of September it was beyond busy and even frantic, having moved into manic mode by the time he finally left on the 27th September. This was just four days before moving into the new month and with Venus returning on the 18th October to attract new opportunities and to reap all that Mars has created the potential for, there is a need to let things settle in the early weeks of the month. With Uranus in retrograde motion in your career sector, Ceres retrograding back in on the 13th October and Venus not returning to your work sector until the 18th October, these early weeks are more a chance to regroup, let things settle and process all that has been triggered over recent months. With the Sun and Mercury both returning next month and new doors continuing to open through to December, make the most of the slower pace the month begins with, while you adjust to what is the new normal. A Full Moon in your career sector on the 16th October, just two days before Venus' return to your work sector on the 18th October, is likely to be a trigger for developments on both fronts.

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