Libra Zodiac Astrology - Financial, Money and Business

Our financial astrology Libra is released weekly and monthly. Predictions and forecasts cover zodiac influences on money, career, work and business. Financial astrology for Libra is a good way to stay abreast of shifts in your income, investments, the stock market and your money situation. Libra financial astrology is the best way to follow astrological trends in your finances, job and money.

Weekly Libra Money and Finances

Horoscope Free for week beginning 28 July 2014

  • Libra Financial Astrology
    Libra Zodiac Sign
    While the tide turned on the income front last week, when Saturn turned direct in your income sector, the real game changer was Mars' return over the weekend and the financial passions and fighting spirit that you're moving into the new week with. With support from both work and career forces there is a new sense of energy, exuberance and determination in the air, along with a new sense of urgency. After being in retrograde motion for nearly 5 months Saturn would have been happy to see things slowly turnaround and get up to speed, but Mars wants to see things happen now. At this point it's less about the specifics and more about the determination to smash your way through any glass ceilings, with support to start narrowing things down next week, ready to come out of your corner fighting.

Weekly Libra Business and Career

Horoscope Free for week beginning 28 July 2014

  • Libra Weekly Astrology
    Libra Zodiac Sign
    Where the last 12 months has been dogged by work/life balance tensions, with more oppositions between the planets on the home and professional fronts in the last year than you would normally expect strung out over a decade. It's no wonder then that as you move into the new week and there is yet more pressure to deal with, that you could be tempted to just give up. However, there is something very different about Monday's opposition between Venus in your career sector and Pluto in your home and family sector and not just because this really is the last hurdle, with no more obstacles after this. As the last planet to move through your career sector Venus is here to make things happen, but also to attract the best outcomes for the least possible effort, finally able to get the balance right.

Libra Monthly Financial Astrology

Horoscope Free for July 2014

  • Libra Monthly Astrology
    Libra Zodiac Sign
    When Venus left your financial sector on the 24th July, just 8 days before the new month began, she not only left you with some clear financial desires and expectations, she wrapped up all the planetary activity for the year. This has left you with a clear sense of where things stand, what you have to work with and on, but have also left the follow through up to you. From this point the money gods, with no more planetary activity in your financial sector, have all redeployed to your income sector where it seems, in the early days of the month anyway, that things have gone flat or that there is little, if any movement. This might prove frustrating, for there is definite movement on the career front and you could be wondering why the same isn't happening on the income front. There is a need to trust that it will, but it all comes down to timing and with Saturn in retrograde motion until the 21st July and having to come to a standstill in order to turn direct, you can't push and hurry things. While the tide will turn and the handbrakes will come off when Saturn turns direct, it won't be until 5 days later, when on the 26th July Mars returns to fire up your financial passions and fighting spirit that the real push will come. This is the start of a major comeback, kicking off some powerful months on the income front that won't run their course until Christmas Eve. This is when the comeback starts, but it's no flash in the pan.

Monthly Business for Libra Zodiac Sign

Horoscope Free for July 2014

  • Libra Astrology
    Libra Zodiac Sign
    That the focus is on professional matters at this time of year is not unusual and in fact it is the norm, with the Sun always spending the first 3 weeks of July in your career sector. What isn't the norm, at least not going by previous and upcoming years, is that you've also got lucky Jupiter on board, something that has been your reality since June 2013, but won't be the case moving forward. When Jupiter leaves your career sector on the 16th July he won't be back until 2025, with the tail end of a major and defining professional year overlapping with what is your annual update. As you move into the new month the Sun and Jupiter are on their own in your career sector and while they're working as a team, they each have very different mandates. The Sun is performing the reality checks he must perform each year in order to take care of any housekeeping and to gain an authentic new starting point, while Jupiter is filling you with bullish optimism, aimed at keeping you motivated and giving you something to continue to aim and strive for over the coming decade. The more you can see these as separate but interdependent agendas, the more you can give each the best possible attention. The Sun is here to show you where you're starting from and Jupiter is giving you something to aim for, so they're going to be preaching from two different soap boxes. What will help bring the two together is Mercury's return to your career sector on the 13th July, allowing you to get your head in the game. With Venus returning on the 19th July she and Mercury will stay on to tie up loose ends and begin the real journey.

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