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Horoscope Free for 25 October 2014

  • Aries Free Horoscope
    Aries Zodiac Sign
    People seem to be challenging your right to have your own life, never mind a few precious moments to yourself. You may find that friends and children want to take over your schedule with last-minute emergencies, challenges or their own personal needs.
  • Taurus Free Horoscope
    Taurus Zodiac Sign
    Avoid malls and antique shops today. You are not up to your bargain-hunting best. You are feeling self-indulgent and could find yourself back at home asking "What on earth was I thinking?" when you are finally unpacking your shopping bags.
  • Gemini Free Horoscope
    Gemini Zodiac Sign
    You have an opportunity to learn something important to your personal or intellectual growth today. You may be to asked to accept some differences or belief or opinion between friends or loved ones. If you can do that, you may find your circle gets a lot stronger.
  • Cancer Free Horoscope
    Cancer Zodiac Sign
    You want to move or to invest in home improvements, your significant other may not share your enthusiasm. They may have a point that your desires are beyond the immediate budget. There is a compromise on this one, and it could turn out better than if either of you got your way.
  • Leo Free Horoscope
    Leo Zodiac Sign
    If you want your partner to be more sexy, indulge their desire to talk today. You could find yourself drifting into some pretty sexy conversations. You may also be talking about the possibility of bringing more children into your family. You'll be highly creative today.
  • Virgo Free Horoscope
    Virgo Zodiac Sign
    You will not be too motivated to do your work and daily chores right now. In fact, the daily grind will bore or frustrate you. You will want to spend the day planning a weekend get-away, upcoming holiday, instead. You will pick up considerably if someone puts a travel flyer on your desk.
  • Libra Free Horoscope
    Libra Zodiac Sign
    It is not a good idea to start up a new business or career partnership today. Existing alliances could be tested, as you are likely to be impatient and a little demanding right now. You want to move up and ahead and it may take longer than you would like.
  • Scorpio Free Horoscope
    Scorpio Zodiac Sign
    You may be confused about a religious or spiritual issue, and you won't get as much support today from your loved ones, who may be busy or absent. You may have to deal with some miscommunication or problem with your bank, broker or another income professional.
  • Sagittarius Free Horoscope
    Sagittarius Zodiac Sign
    You will be considering going back to school, or at the very least taking up the challenge of reading a large and complicated novel. Your mind needs stimulation and challenges right now. Seek out ideas that are dramatically different from those that you normally find interesting.
  • Capricorn Free Horoscope
    Capricorn Zodiac Sign
    There are big changes coming in your career. Your boss or an important client has been impressed with your knowledge, wisdom or your recent handling of an important project, and will be giving you some important action items to take on soon.
  • Aquarius Free Horoscope
    Aquarius Zodiac Sign
    You are still attracting people like iron filings to a magnet. You may in fact find that there are too many people looking for your undivided attention. They will have to settle for some divided attention, because you are going to be awfully busy just juggling your schedule.
  • Pisces Free Horoscope
    Pisces Zodiac Sign
    You could have something of a spiritual crisis moment today. You have seen through a fundamental untruth in the dogma or teachings in your faith. That may be a painful moment if you fight against it - embrace and accept it and you'll find a new world waiting.

Free Daily Horoscope for Tomorrow

Horoscope Free for 26 October 2014

  • Aries Free Daily Horoscope
    Aries Zodiac Sign
    You will be able to come to a solution that helps you sort out chronic family issues - but you may have to work hard to communicate today. If you are patient and forgiving, you will be seen as gregarious and generous. If not, you may risk coming across as a tad petulant.
  • Taurus Free Daily Horoscope
    Taurus Zodiac Sign
    An argument with a friend may highlight a significant difference of values that you did not know had come between you. You may discover though that you can resolve your differences through the timely intervention of a family member or relative whose calmer head prevails.
  • Gemini Free Daily Horoscope
    Gemini Zodiac Sign
    Communication, travel and paperwork are greatly improved today, with the help from a friend, companion or large group of people. You could be hearing a lot of good news from clubs or groups you belong to. Someone will call to tell you about a streak of good luck.
  • Cancer Free Daily Horoscope
    Cancer Zodiac Sign
    If you are a parent, you may find that an outside problem involving your children actually brings you closer together. If you are not a parent, keep that in mind when you are tempted to make opinions or observations about someone else's parenting skills or family values.
  • Leo Free Daily Horoscope
    Leo Zodiac Sign
    Set aside some room in the evening for some personal "play time". You need a little mindless escape from all the cares and worries you have taken on the past while. Lose your anxiety and have some fun. It's unlikely you can do much about whatever worries you anyway.
  • Virgo Free Daily Horoscope
    Virgo Zodiac Sign
    You may find that your energy levels and mood are low today. Take things as easy as you can, and be sure to get lots of rest. It is not a good day to get up on the roof to patch holes, or to head off for a strenuous jog. Don't push things, take everything in moderation.
  • Libra Free Daily Horoscope
    Libra Zodiac Sign
    Are you looking for a way to impress your love partner? A sudden, spontaneous trip, a gift of a book or seminar they have wanted, anything that expands their mind or touches their soul. If you are single, you could meet someone when and where you least expect it.
  • Scorpio Free Daily Horoscope
    Scorpio Zodiac Sign
    Unexpected good news could come your way today through an Internet site or email. This time when the message says, "You could make money fast" it just might not be a scam. But then again, there may be a whole lot more work or up-front investment than you bargained for.
  • Sagittarius Free Daily Horoscope
    Sagittarius Zodiac Sign
    Try to take things much less seriously! Where did your sense of humor go? Right out the window with someone's unkind or thoughtless comment. Give yourself some prayer or meditation time so you can get back on track, and you will come through this just fine.
  • Capricorn Free Daily Horoscope
    Capricorn Zodiac Sign
    You have inspirations that can help you improve your career and social prospects, but your ideas may be a little ahead of their time, and your energy is all over the map. You need to slow down and take things one step at a time if you are to manifest your potential.
  • Aquarius Free Daily Horoscope
    Aquarius Zodiac Sign
    It may seem damp and dark to you today, even if the sun is shining. That is because you are picking up on a friend's dour mood. Turn it around! Use your skills as a story-teller to perk up their mood, and you will end up brightening your own.
  • Pisces Free Daily Horoscope
    Pisces Zodiac Sign
    Some family secret is out in the open now and while it was liberating at first, it becomes apparent that there is hard work to be done to get your life back on track. You may have disagreements with family members over this, or over the changes you have made in your life recently.

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