Monthly Love Horoscope

Monthly love horoscopes and romantic relationship astrology is published daily, weekly and monthly throughout 2014. Find out hot date nights if you're single and what to expect on the romantic front with your free love horoscope monthly. Relationships of all kind, love and romance astrology readings are featured in our free monthly relationship horoscopes.

Horoscope Free for February 2016

  • Aries Monthly Love Horoscope
    Aries Zodiac Sign
    The word I would use to describe the love gods' influence this month is 'cunning', unable to get in by one door so using the other door instead. For the first time since October 2013 you have a month where there is no planetary or cosmic activity in your relationship...Monthly Love Horoscope Aries
  • Taurus Monthly Love Horoscope
    Taurus Zodiac Sign
    You've got a big month on your hands for both romantic and relationship matters, which presents a bit of a problem. February is the month when the professional gods will always come together to give your new professional year a push, with a need to keep your professional hat on...Monthly Love Horoscope Taurus
  • Gemini Monthly Love Horoscope
    Gemini Zodiac Sign
    Thanks to the fact that the Sun and Mercury both moved through your relationship sector in the later weeks of 2015 and Venus, planet of love spent the early weeks of 2016 here, you've got a clear sense of what you want from your relationships and what they need from...Monthly Love Horoscope Gemini
  • Cancer Monthly Love Horoscope
    Cancer Zodiac Sign
    Another month and still romantic and relationship forces are competing for your attention and it looks like that will remain the case for much of the first half of 2016. Romantic forces will have usually run their course by December each year and relationship forces by the end of January,...Monthly Love Horoscope Cancer
  • Leo Monthly Love Horoscope
    Leo Zodiac Sign
    Thanks to the fact that you not only moved into the New Year with Venus, planet of love in your romantic sector but she spent the first 24 days of the year here, you've been able to start the year with the spirit of romance in play, your heart engaged...Monthly Love Horoscope Leo
  • Virgo Monthly Love Horoscope
    Virgo Zodiac Sign
    Another month and still romantic and relationship forces are still vying for your attention and the reality is that it will stay that way for the rest of the year. What you have this month is the normal shift to your relationships that happens every February coming into play a...Monthly Love Horoscope Virgo
  • Libra Monthly Love Horoscope
    Libra Zodiac Sign
    The love and relationship gods have something special this year, with a mix of the norm and the exceptional in play. With Uranus in your relationship sector for several years now and the Sun always spending the first 3 weeks of February in your romantic sector the focus will always...Monthly Love Horoscope Libra
  • Scorpio Monthly Love Horoscope
    Scorpio Zodiac Sign
    While the Sun's return to your romantic sector on the 19th February will always ensure that the solar spotlight will fall on matters of the heart and on all things romantic at this time every year, long before then it's clear that something special is building. It wasn't just Ceres,...Monthly Love Horoscope Scorpio
  • Sagittarius Monthly Love Horoscope
    Sagittarius Zodiac Sign
    While, apart from the Moon's monthly visit to your relationship sector, there is no focus on your relationships this month and romantic forces in play seem content to operate behind the scenes, there is a new sense of confidence on both fronts. The tide began turning on the romantic front...Monthly Love Horoscope Sagittarius
  • Capricorn Monthly Love Horoscope
    Capricorn Zodiac Sign
    By this time last year Venus, planet of love had not only left your sign, she had spent less than 76 hours here, in the early days of 2015 grabbing just the very tail end of what was effectively her 2014 visit. This year she's making up for lost time,...Monthly Love Horoscope Capricorn
  • Aquarius Monthly Love Horoscope
    Aquarius Zodiac Sign
    Both matters of the heart and your relationships get a special boost this month and in retrograde motion it's in the days just after Valentine's Day that things spring into life, while your relationships get an unexpected boost just days earlier. To start with things are fairly low key on...Monthly Love Horoscope Aquarius
  • Pisces Monthly Love Horoscope
    Pisces Zodiac Sign
    While for the most part it's business as usual, as you reach the halfway point in Jupiter's year long visit to your relationship sector you're moving into yet another phase in the journey. In his first full month in retrograde motion in your relationship sector Jupiter is taking you on...Monthly Love Horoscope Pisces

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Love horoscopes monthly are focused on relationships for couples and singles in February. You might also enjoy reading the 2014 horoscope, free monthly horoscope or other specialty forecasts. These include monthly money horoscope and February monthly business, career and work horoscopes. Monthly horoscopes with love!

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