Monthly Astrology Virgo December 2015

We've got quite a line-up of monthly astrology Virgo. Your general Virgo monthly zodiac predictions complement the Virgo monthly relationship horoscope and Virgo monthly financial astrology for money and business. Enjoy your free Virgo December 2015 horoscope, courtesy of Horoscope Astrology Tarot.

Virgo Monthly Astrology Reading

Your monthly general astrology reading for Virgo for this month. Monthly Virgo predictions and forecasts apply to the whole month of December.

Horoscope Free for December 2015

  • Virgo Monthly Astrology
    Virgo Zodiac Sign
    Moving into December with any planetary activity in your sign is not the norm, with your needs usually well down your priority list at this time of year, with a lot of focus on not only home and family matters and needs but on everyone else's needs except your own. Over the last 7 years the only time you've had planets in Virgo this late in the year were when Mars was still here 2 years ago and then 2 years before that, but more importantly when Saturn was here between 2007 and 2010, some of the toughest years in recent times. While having Mars in your sign in December 2013 and December 2011 was a temporary advantage, able to end the year with your passions and fighting spirit running high, he didn't stay long enough to have a major influence on either the year that's been or the year ahead. This year you've got lucky Jupiter on board and with the North Node spending its first full month in Virgo in 17 years and its first full month with Jupiter here in 35 years, all of a sudden you've not only got a future, but one that you're able to get really excited about. 2016 is destined to be your biggest, luckiest and most expansive year in decades, the year that you finally come into your own and if you can manage to silence that voice in your head, you'll feel this in your bones. This is colouring everything this month, from the focus on home and family matters, to the romantic and playful forces that will strengthen as the month progresses and also the unexpected developments across the income, work and career fronts. Even the personal and/or relationship tensions of recent months are not only easing back, but the balance between your personal and relationship needs that they fought to achieve now have permanent support in place. As the month progresses you're likely to be more excited about the coming year, but also that voice from within that asks 'what about me' is set to become louder.

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Monthly Relationship Astrology for Virgo

Horoscope Free for December 2015

Virgo Monthly Astrology - Financial

Your weekly and monthly zodiac forecasts for business and monthly financial astrology are combined for your convenience in December, Virgo.

Horoscope Free for December 2015

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