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Delve into your work life, Pisces, with your free Pisces business horoscope monthly. Take an in-depth look at this month's astrological influences on your career, money and business. Details are mapped out in the monthly Pisces business horoscopes for July. It's quick, free and no sign-ups or pop-up ads in our Pisces monthly business and work predictions! Don't forget your Pisces money horoscope - July, our other financial Pisces reading. Enjoy your free monthly Pisces money and career horoscope predictions.!

Horoscope Free for July 2016

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    There is likely to be a sense of relief or even a sigh that escapes of its own accord on the 1st July, with a chance to finally catch your breath. This is going to hit you from the get go but it has nothing to do with the fact that the date on the calendar reads the 1st July, which is usually the symbolic start to the second half of the year at best. However, there is nothing symbolic about the 1st July and the drop in pressure and rise in professional confidence and anticipation is likely to be palpable. It really will feel like you have turned a corner, for that's exactly what you've done and it is all to do with events on the 30th June, just 24 hours earlier. On that last full day of the first half of 2016 two events occurred that have changed everything. The first was Mercury's departure from your home and family sector, taking the pressure off Saturn in your career sector, bringing the professional pressure and the work/life balance tensions of the previous six weeks to an end, guaranteeing that they wouldn't follow you into the second half of the year, while getting to benefit from what you've learned and from what a pair of Full Moons have triggered. The second event on the 30th June was Mars' direct turn, with the warrior planet of the cosmos doing a U turn that has him on course to return to your career sector on the 3rd August. With Saturn spending his last full month in your career sector that buys you time to prepare for a major comeback next month, while embracing a sense of anticipation this has already triggered. You have one more month to spend back at the drawing board but don't expect a slow month, with Venus' return to your work sector on the 12th July, Mercury's on the 14th July and the Sun on the 22nd July kicking off the busiest weeks of 2016. By midmonth income, work and career forces will be working together in what could be a game changing way, with even bigger developments next month. The 30th June was the turning point, with the 1st July the first full day of this new chapter.

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