Pisces Money Horoscope - Monthly Pisces Money in April

Your in-depth monthly money horoscope Pisces covers your finances, income and money in the month ahead. The Pisces monthly horoscope money edition is released on the first of the month. It's all about Pisces money, cash flow and income in the April monthly money horoscope, free from Horoscope Astrology Tarot. You might also like to read our business horoscope monthly, Pisces. In-depth predictions and forecasts for Pisces money April 2014 appear below.

Horoscope Free for April 2014

  • Pisces Money Horoscope Monthly
    Pisces Zodiac Sign
    It is not unusual to have the focus on income matters at this time of year and in fact it's the norm, with the Sun always spending the first 3 weeks of April in your income sector. What is unusual is to have some very active planetary activity on the financial front, something that doesn't usually happen until the second half of the year. September/October is when the Sun moves through your financial sector and your annual financial review takes place, at the opposite side of the year to where the annual focus is now, on income matters. However, the forces in play on the financial front are not here for an annual update and while your annual financial review will take place as scheduled later in the year, the forces in play here aren't interested in housekeeping, they're here to completely shake things up. Mars and Ceres are both in retrograde motion and are both making their longest visits to your financial sector in decades, at the same time that the North Node is here for the first time since 1997. This sets the scene for a clash of money gods and that will happen at two specific points this month. The first point is during a total lunar eclipse in your financial sector on the 15th April and in the days either side, when the Moon and Sun bring income and financial forces to a head or to a tipping or turning point. The next time will be from the 22nd April to the 25th April, once more bringing income and financial forces into conflict. Yet while this creates the potential for some financial tension and pressures this month, with Mercury in your income sector from the 8th April to the 23rd April, you've got the smart head for money needed to see this for what it is, a chance to raise the bar on both things and to take a sledgehammer to any glass ceilings.

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