Virgo Money Horoscope - Monthly Virgo Money in December

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Your in-depth monthly money horoscope Virgo covers your finances, income and money in the month ahead. The Virgo monthly horoscope money edition is released on the first of the month. It's all about Virgo money, cash flow and income in the December monthly money horoscope, free from Horoscope Astrology Tarot. You might also like to read our business horoscope monthly, Virgo. In-depth predictions and forecasts for Virgo money December 2016 appear below.

Horoscope Free for December 2016

  • Virgo Money Horoscope Monthly
    Virgo Zodiac Sign
    Ever since Jupiter returned to your income sector in September, to kick off your biggest and most potentially lucrative income year in over a decade, he has been aware of Uranus, over on the other side of the sky in your financial sector. While out of each other's way this hasn't created any problems until now, they have kept an eye on each other and on a balance between money coming in and money going out. Jupiter is the planet of luck and expansion but he's a planet that can create a sense of hubris, inflating our confidence and belief in our abilities beyond what we're capable of. The downside to Jupiter in your income sector, is that he can create such a belief in your ability to smash through glass ceilings that you end up spending money you don't yet have. Uranus is the defence to ensure that doesn't happen as they move closer towards an eventual opposition, with financial tensions and pressure keeping you on your toes. This can dilute your income confidence, at a time when you really do have luck on your side, but it will also keep you on your toes. At the same time, with Uranus in retrograde motion in your financial sector until the 29th December, pressure from Jupiter is keeping you on your toes at a time when money matters could become stuck or stalled. Jupiter and Uranus will finally move into opposition from the 22nd December to the 31st December, so right over Christmas, but while this doesn't sound like good news, with both sides so well supported, this creates the potential for a major breakthrough, just days before moving into the New Year. Jupiter and income forces are being supported by Mars and Venus in your work sector, at a point in the year where neither should be here. At the same time Uranus and money matters are supported by Saturn, one of the most powerful planets in the solar system. This will be an especially empowered find for financial matters on the home, family and/or property fronts. Any financial tension will not only come with support, but a reminder that it's all about a balance between money coming in and money going out.

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