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    While July will always be a month of contrasts for you, beginning with very playful, creative and romantic forces in play but ending with the focus on work matters, nothing in the last 12 years has prepared you for the extreme shift in focus you're likely to experience this month. To begin with, you will move into the new month with no planetary activity in either of your professional houses and no support at all, with the Sun not only making his annual visit to your romantic and creative sector but lucky Jupiter in his final and most urgent weeks in your home and family sector and the focus still on home and family matters. With matters of the heart and domestic matters dominating, work matters will be way down the list of priorities. This makes it important to address home and family matters, working with Mercury until he leaves your home and family sector on the 13th July to ensure the communication lines are open and until Venus leaves on the 19th July, establishing where your heart stands and creating something special. While this may seem very routine and not that important now, considering how busy the next 12 months are going to be, having the basics right and the right work/life balance is more important than you realise. It's on the 16th July that everything begins to change when, just 7 days before the Sun is due to wrap up his annual visit to a playful and romantically charged part of your chart and return to the more serious job of looking at work matters, lucky Jupiter beats him to it. There will be no planetary activity in either of your professional houses when Jupiter returns to your work sector to kick off your luckiest, busiest and most important year for work matters in over a decade, making the shift very obvious and dramatic. By the time the Sun returns to your work sector on the 23rd July you'll be aware that something has shifted and the journey to success will have begun. While Venus and Mercury won't return to your work sector until next month, keeping up a vain attempt to find a balance between work and play, a New Moon on the 27th July will bring a real call to action.

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Horoscope Free for July 2014

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Horoscope Free for July 2014

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Horoscope Free for July 2014

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