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Your monthly horoscope, Sagittarius. Free monthly forecast for Sagittarius for June 2016 - July 2016. Sagittarius love prediction, monthly money horoscope and Sagittarius business and career horoscopes for June are all free from Horoscope Astrology Tarot.

Horoscope Free for June 2016

  • Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope
    Sagittarius Zodiac Sign
    The key to identifying any problems or challenges this month is looking at the line up of opportunities and the balance issues they expose. What you have is a month of contrasts, a month where the Sun, Venus and Mercury are putting the focus on your relationships, but there is also a need to put your needs first. At the same time this is a month for extraordinary opportunities on the income, work and career fronts, but you're likely to find that the wind has been taken out of your sails and the air from your tyres. At the same time there are new financial opportunities opening up, but resistance from old income forces who resent not only some of the attention of the money gods have taken off them and you have financial tensions rising towards the end of the month. What we have is the faster moving planets reaching a part of the heavens that puts them in opposition with the slower moving planets, who are now on the other side of the sky and this is something that only happened late last month. It was the Sun's return to your relationship sector on the 21st May that triggered this, with a Full Moon in your sign on his first full day and a second on his last full day, on the 20th June. This is the time of year when the solar spotlight will always fall on your relationships, but this year you will find that his can't be at the expense of your personal needs, forcing you to confront any balance issues. At the same time what really takes the wind out of your sails and the air out of your tyres is the fact that while this was an issue when Mars was in retrograde motion in your sign, it became even more of an issue when he retrograded back into a reflective part of your chart late last month. This is forcing you to work smarter and to pace yourself, yet the surprising thing is that as you do you'll find that you accomplish more. Financially, within your own needs and your relationship needs, professionally and through everything that occupies your time and energy, this month is all about pacing and balance.

Sagittarius Monthly Love Horoscope

Horoscope Free for June 2016

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope - Money

Horoscope Free for June 2016

Business Horoscope Monthly Sagittarius

Horoscope Free for June 2016

Sagittarius June Horoscope Monthly, Daily, Weekly 2016

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