Aquarius Relationship Astrology - Aquarius Love Daily, Weekly and Monthly

Here are your Aquarius relationship astrology readings for today, this week and May 2016. Aquarius love and romantic overview, weekly zodiac and monthly relationship astrology outlook. Romantic astrology predictions for Aquarius and your relationship horoscopes, Aquarius. A daily, weekly and monthly in-depth look at Aquarius love life.

Aquarius Daily Love Predictions

What's in store for your love life today Aquarius? Find out what to expect from relationships and romance today and tomorrow with today's love horoscope! Aquarius daily love and romance forecast.

Zodiac Love - Aquarius Weekly Relationship Astrology

Here is the weekly love horoscope for Aquarius and weekly relationship astrology reading for the Aquarius zodiac sign, men and women.

Horoscope Free for week beginning 23 May 2016

  • Aquarius Weekly Astrology
    Aquarius Zodiac Sign
    While the Sun's return to your romantic sector over the weekend has broken the romantic drought and Venus, planet of love's return on Tuesday ushers in the most romantically charged weeks of 2016, they both meet with some teething problems that could create a false impression. From the get go romantic forces are likely to be challenged, first by the weekend's Full Moon and then by oppositions with Mars. With no planetary activity in your romantic sector since June 2015 the love gods have to first break the ice and break through the resistance that has built up over time, with romantic forces meeting with resistance from forces afraid that this might rock the boat. With no romantic influence for nearly a year this is simply a few teething issues as your life is suddenly forced to accommodate something that hasn't had a presence until now.

Monthly Aquarius Relationship Astrology

Enjoy your monthly zodiac forecast for love and romance, Aquarius, free from Horoscope Astrology Tarot.

Horoscope Free for May 2016

  • Aquarius Monthly Astrology
    Aquarius Zodiac Sign
    To begin with romantic and relationship matters are on an equal footing, in that both have no planetary activity and are fairly neglected by both the love and relationship gods, as has been the case so far this year. However, this is the norm rather than the exception, with the solar spotlight not ready to highlight either and that will remain the case for the first three weeks of May. With no planetary activity in either your romantic or relationship sectors the Moon's monthly visit to your romantic sector from the 8th May to the 10th May and to your relationship sector from the 12th May to the 14th May are exactly what you've had every other month so far this year, which is a small window of opposition to make matters of the heart and your relationships a priority. However, the fortunes are about to change for one and while your relationships will have to wait a few more months matters of the heart finally get their turn. It begins with the Sun's return to your romantic sector on the 21st May and is followed by Venus, planet of love's return on the 24th May, kicking off what will always be the most romantically charged weeks of any year. However, don't be surprised if things get off to a bumpy start, for not only will the Sun be challenged by a Full Moon during his first full day in your romantic sector, but in the days after both he and Venus will both move into an opposition with Mars, over on the other side of the sky. However, with the Sun and Venus returning to break the romantic drought, a bit of competition or pressure is more likely to evoke a sense of rebellion. Finally you have a chance to make matters of the heart a priority and what is likely to happen is that everyone is all of a sudden going to demand your time and attention. The reality is they're doing it already but this hasn't been a problem, until you get a chance to put your needs and the spirit of romance first.

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