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Our financial astrology Taurus is released weekly and monthly. Predictions and forecasts cover zodiac influences on money, career, work and business. Financial astrology for Taurus is a good way to stay abreast of shifts in your income, investments, the stock market and your money situation. Taurus financial astrology is the best way to follow astrological trends in your finances, job and money.

Weekly Taurus Money and Finances

Horoscope Free for week beginning 21 January 2019

  • Taurus Financial Astrology
    Taurus Zodiac Sign
    An alignment between Venus and Jupiter, the planets of money and luck in your financial sector, is a fortuitous transit. Yet before you rush out and buy a lotto ticket, the real luck comes from the possibilities this will expose. Venus is the planet of money and as she moves into her final two weeks in your financial sector on Monday, she is on a mission to fuel your financial confidence and attract opportunities. Jupiter is the planet of luck and expansion and he expands everything he touches and this week that includes Venus influence, as they align in the first half of the week. This comes just as support from Mars is helping to fuel your financial confidence, instincts and imagination. Even Monday's lunar eclipse falls at a friendly aspect to Venus and Jupiter, helping to reignite your financial dreams and aspirations. These are the kind of conditions that allow you to take your financial power back.

Weekly Taurus Business and Career

Horoscope Free for week beginning 21 January 2019

  • Taurus Weekly Astrology
    Taurus Zodiac Sign
    Monday is the Sun's first full day in your career sector, with the solar spotlight always shifting onto your career and professional situation, matters and options at this time of year. However, be prepared for a bumpy start, with the Sun confronted by a total lunar eclipse on Monday. This might create some professional pressure or work/life balance tension, as the Moon brings some familiar work/life balance issues to a head. However, unlike the last two years, this is the last major clash between your home and professional lives and is more a reminder of the past. Yet with Mars having just wrapped up a six month visit to your career sector in November and the South Node an 18 month visit just days earlier, this is the push that untapped professional potential needs. The fog of war will clear by midweek, with Mercury's return on Thursday a chance to get your head in the game, ideas on the table and the communication lines open.

Taurus Monthly Financial Astrology

Horoscope Free for January 2019

  • Taurus Monthly Astrology
    Taurus Zodiac Sign
    It was just over a year ago, just days before Christmas 2017 that Saturn, hard taskmaster of the cosmos left your financial sector, wrapping up a three year financial boot camp. No wonder you might have some trepidation moving into the New Year, wondering whether those times will return. Instead, for the first time in over a decade, you begin the year with Jupiter in your financial sector and not leaving until December, the planet of luck and expansion is here for all but the final weeks of 2019. Where there were financial challenges in the past there is now opportunity, especially to draw on the financial experience gained in the past. Jupiter is all about growth, making 2019 a potentially expansive year, especially for financial growth and for taking your power back. You begin the year with Mercury here and before leaving on 5th January, he is focused on leaving you with the smart head for money needed to keep your head in the game. While Jupiter returned in November, there may yet to be any evidence that this really is a lucky year for money matters. You can expect more when Venus, the planet of money finally returns on 8th January. Venus is here until early February, with the planets of money and luck joining forces for the first time in your financial sector, in 12 years. Their alignment on 22nd/23rd January will create an auspicious few days for money matters. With no planetary activity in your income sector and therefore no pressure on money matters, the Moon's visit from 17th January to 19th January is important. With the Sun returning to your career sector on 20th January, this will ensure you have a sharp nose for money and a lucrative sense of direction from the get go.

Monthly Business for Taurus Zodiac Sign

Horoscope Free for January 2019

  • Taurus Astrology
    Taurus Zodiac Sign
    The professional year starts off on a quiet note and that is exactly what you need. It was only in early November that the South Node wrapped up an 18 month visit to your career sector, with Mars having wrapped up a nearly six month visit just days later. With Venus having only just left your work sector in early December, 2018 was an extremely busy year. Mars returned in May 2018 for what should have been a six week visit to your career sector, while Venus returned to your work sector in early August, for what should have been a 24 day visit. Instead, Mars didn't leave until November and Venus until early December, giving you little if any chance to ease back. The fact that you move into January with no planetary activity in either of your two professional houses is a valuable chance to catch your breath and get your bearings. With so many planetary activity on both fronts last year, there is also still an enormous amount of momentum still playing out. With the Sun returning to your career sector on 20th January and Mercury on 24th January, this is when a whole new chapter will open up. Until then, ease into this new professional year as slowly as possible, with the Moon's return to your career sector from 7th January to 10th January the first time you will need to really start paying attention. This is both the Moon's first visit for the year and last before the Sun returns. With your professional instincts and imagination fuelled, the Moon will deliver the valuable clues, hunches and insights that can help you tie up loose ends from last year and line up for what lies ahead. You will get an intuitive read on work and job matters as the Moon moves through your work sector from 25th January to 27th January.

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