Libra Horoscope 2011 Business, Work, Career, Business

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Business, work and Libra career all take center stage in these free yearly horoscopes. 2011 Libra business horoscope predictions and astrology forecasts for Libra cover the full year ahead and provide a broad overview of Libra finances, work and career matters.

Libra Business Horoscope 2011

Get down to business with these Libra work and business horoscopes covering the whole of 2011.

Business Horoscope Free 2011

  • Libra Business Horoscopes
    Libra Zodiac Sign
    While it's said that ‘time and tide wait for no man' you can add ‘stars' as well, because they're paying no heed to what time of year it is. You're moving into 2011 with Venus in her final few days in your income sector and Jupiter, planet of luck in his last few days in your work sector, creating a need to hit the ground running from the first moment possible. With Jupiter leaving your work sector on the 23rd January, most of the momentum that will keep things in motion during the course of 2011 is going to be gained in the first 3 weeks of the year. Yet Jupiter is less about getting back to the office, rolling up your sleeves and getting the production lines moving, with those first 3 weeks more about establishing your goals and aspirations for the coming year, which can just as easily if not more easily be developed while chilling out over the holidays. So it's not about rushing back to work, but is about being engaged from the get go. For the first and only time in your lifetime you're moving into a new working year with both Jupiter and Uranus, the planets of luck and synchronicity in your work sector, so there's a real need to keep your options open and with some of your best opportunities likely to come from out of left field, to be ready for when opportunity knocks rather than hunting it down. With Jupiter leaving your work sector on the 23rd January and Uranus on the 12th March, the first 2 ½ months of the year are more about developing a blueprint, with most of the real action taking place from the 19th February onwards. That's when the Sun reaches your work sector and begins the process of relieving Uranus of his post, with Mercury arriving 3 days later on the 22nd February and Mars a day later, on the 23rd February. It's in Uranus' final days with the Sun, Mercury and Mars in support that you're likely to find most of the movement and action. But with Venus not reaching your work sector until the 27th March and staying on until the 21st April, it will be many months before things run their course. There should be a lot less overall professional pressure from the 4th March, with a chance to focus on your professional game as a whole in the middle months of the year, from the 17th June through to the 19th September. There are signs that there is something even bigger developing on the work front this year, taking place at a much higher level and therefore is more likely to be felt rather than experienced, at this stage anyway. That is Chiron's return to your work sector on the 9th February, where he'll stay until 2019 and Neptune's short 4 month exploratory visit, from the 5th April the 5th August, a sign that some deeper or higher calling might be taking place.

Libra Horoscopes 2011 Money, Career and Finances

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