Pisces Horoscope 2011 Business, Work, Career, Business

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Business, work and Pisces career all take center stage in these free yearly horoscopes. 2011 Pisces business horoscope predictions and astrology forecasts for Pisces cover the full year ahead and provide a broad overview of Pisces finances, work and career matters.

Pisces Business Horoscope 2011

Get down to business with these Pisces work and business horoscopes covering the whole of 2011.

Business Horoscope Free 2011

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    As you move into the New Year your professional focus is on your career sector, which is not usually the case as you move into the year. Your career sector is usually more active around the time of the Sun's annual visit, between the 22nd November and the 22nd December, which was the case in 2010, but not so tightly contained. Your career sector is not only active for longer, spreading out into 2011 it also began earlier, with Mars' arrival on the 28th October. As you move into the New Year Mercury is still in your career sector, having retrograded back just before Christmas. As most of the decisions are made while Mercury is in your career sector, you may find that things are still up in the air, with the things that are normally finalised at the end of one working year, still unfolding. As scary and unsettling as that might be, work with it, because Mercury is trying to keep things open until Venus arrives, on the 8th January. Venus' role during her annual visit to your career sector is often not fully appreciated, but as the planet that rules your desires and your heart, she's the planet that helps you decide out of all your options, which ones you want to take and pursue. The problem is that Venus was a no show in your career sector in 2010, having left before the year began and yet to arrive before it ended. Until Venus moves through your career sector you really don't know what you want, so nothing can be finalised, which is why Mercury has been reluctant to move on. You haven't made decisions and your options are still open because they need to be. Yet with the Sun, Mars and Mercury having already laid out all the options or in Mercury's case he will have by the 14th January, when Venus moves through from the 8th January to the 4th February expect things to move very quickly, for with an eye for an opportunity Venus will breeze through with an ‘I want that, that and that, don't want that, let's think about that one and I'll take all those'. You'll know what you want and how to make it happen, so expect things to happen very quickly from the 8th January to the 4th February. That's when things should wind down on the professional front for the year, until things once again become active when Venus returns on the 2nd November, with the busiest months of the year kicking off on the 2nd July and extending out until the 11th November. But just when you thought that nothing could surprise you, the North Node shifts into your career sector on the 4th March, opening the door to a period of professional growth and higher achievement that will extend out to August 2012. It's a series of eclipses in your career sector that are likely to be change agents, marking periods where you're likely to reach a professional crossroads. The first is a total lunar eclipse in your career sector on the 26th June and the second is a solar eclipse on the 25th November. Most of the job activity for the year will be from the 29th July to the 11th November.

Pisces Horoscopes 2011 Money, Career and Finances

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