Virgo Horoscope 2011 Business, Work, Career, Business

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Business, work and Virgo career all take center stage in these free yearly horoscopes. 2011 Virgo business horoscope predictions and astrology forecasts for Virgo cover the full year ahead and provide a broad overview of Virgo finances, work and career matters.

Virgo Business Horoscope 2011

Get down to business with these Virgo work and business horoscopes covering the whole of 2011.

Business Horoscope Free 2011

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    If a total lunar eclipse in your career sector just 4 days before Christmas shook things up, then the aftershocks are still likely to be reverberating as you move into the New Year. Even though the eclipse fell 12 days before the New Year began, something has shifted and you're likely to be moving forward aware that there are big changes ahead. While things will settle down on the career front after that, you're likely to be poised for aftershocks, for that eclipse and the others you'll experience this year really are change merchants. This was a precursor to the South Node's move into your career sector on the 4th March, where it will stay until the 30th August 2012. During that time a natural pull away from situations that you've outgrown will be continual, with bursts of activity throughout the year giving things the right nudge at the right time. The next nudge won't be until the middle months of the year, when during a period when your career sector will be active, from the 21st May to the 3rd August, a solar eclipse on the 2nd June may open some unexpected doors or bring some unexpected opportunities. This gives you time to focus on your job situation in the early weeks and months of the year, with Mars' return to your work sector on the 16th January giving wheels to a period of decision making that has been in progress for a while, for months and possibly even years. 2011 is likely to be the year when all of a sudden, after toying with ideas and dreams and having the nerve and then not having it, you're more likely to get impatient with yourself and ‘just do it'. That's more likely to happen while Mars is in your work sector, from the 16th January to the 23rd February, but more likely after the 9th February, which is when you'll finally have had a chance to confront your fears and conquer any old demons. Once things start to move on the job front they should continue to move with first Mars and then the Sun, Mercury and finally Venus keeping things active on the job front until the 27th March. By which point the South Node will be in your career sector and so strong will the professional pull be that it will almost be like being on a conveyor belt, with a natural current doing all of the hard work. Look out for some surprise developments on the job front towards the end of the year and into the early weeks of 2012.

Virgo Horoscopes 2011 Money, Career and Finances

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