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Zodiac horoscope love Scorpio 2011. What's in store for the Scorpio zodiac sign this year? Find out with our free Scorpio love horoscope 2011 edition! Scorpio 2011 - 2012 love horoscope predictions and zodiac forecasts below are an in-depth look at your 2011 Scorpio love life. The links above your yearly love horoscope reading takes you to the 2011 - 2012 horoscopes for all zodiac signs or just the Scorpio zodiac sign. These include daily horoscopes 2011, weekly and monthly money, career and business horoscopes for 2011 - 2012. Don't miss the new Scorpio yearly horoscope for 2018 or the 2018 horoscope section of our website featuring 2018 horoscope forecasts and astrology predictions for all zodiac signs in the year ahead!

Love Horoscope Scorpio 2011

Just for you, Scorpio, your free love horoscope 2011! Click above your reading for even more free horoscopes Scorpio for love, work and money daily, weekly and monthly throughout 2019!

Love Horoscope Free 2011

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    For the first time in 8 years you're moving into the New Year with Venus, planet of love in your sign but it's the first time in your lifetime that you've moved into the New Year with Jupiter and Uranus, the planets of luck and synchronicity not only together in your romantic sector but aligned. If you could push the pause button in the early days of the year and hold onto those conditions then this would be a very big year for love, but unfortunately the planets don't stop moving. Venus will leave your sign on the 8th January and Jupiter your romantic sector on the 23rd January, so before the end of the first month you'll lose much of this advantage. However, if how you start the race determines how it will be run, then the more effort and attention you put in the early days of the year, when the conditions are so perfect, the more you'll have to draw on during the rest of the year. This doesn't mean that the romantic tap will run dry on the 23rd January, far from it. Uranus will stay on until the 12th March, by which point the Sun and Mars will already be there, Mercury will have been and gone, spending from the 22nd February to the 10th March here and Venus will still be on her way. It's Venus that should be closing the door, with her visit to your romantic sector, from the 27th March to the 21st April would normally close things up. But with Chiron's arrival on the 9th February and Neptune on the 5th April, a whole new chapter begins. It's from as early as the 20th April the focus will be shifting to include your relationships as first the Sun, Mercury and then Venus and Mars move through. It's after the Sun and Mercury have moved on but while Mars and Venus, the planets of passion and love are in your relationship sector that Jupiter, planet of luck will arrive, on the 5th June. It normally takes Jupiter a year to get from your romantic to your relationship sector, but he'll cross that space in just 4 1/2 months, kicking off a very lucky relationship year, that extends out to the 12th June 2012. This creates a year of two halves, the first very romantically charged and the second holding some of your biggest and best relationship opportunities since 2000. Jupiter will be in your relationship sector when Venus comes full circle, making her second visit to your sign in 2011, from the 9th October to the 2nd November.

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