Libra Money and Financial Horoscope 2011

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Libra financial zodiac transits for 2011 - 2012 are explored at length in these yearly Libra money horoscopes. 2011 - 2012 Libra money horoscope predictions and 2011 - 2012 financial horoscope forecasts are free, Libra. In-depth and accurate, the yearly Libra financial horoscopes won't disappoint! To view the current year ahead horoscope, including predictions for all signs for money, drop by the 2019 horoscope section!

Money Horoscope 2011 - Libra

Money Horoscope Free 2011

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    Libra Zodiac Sign
    For the first time in 8 years you're moving into the New Year with Venus, planet of money, desire and attraction and your ruling planet in your income sector. That's just as well for with Jupiter, planet of luck in your work sector until the 23rd January there is an opportunity to gain some real traction on both the job and income fronts in the early days of 2011. The only reason that Venus is still in your income sector is that instead of moving on as she normally would, when she visits in October/November each year, is that she spent time in retrograde motion. So her position is a hangover from last year, allowing you to extract opportunities and to let things play out a little longer. After Venus leaves your income sector on the 8th January there'll be no more planetary activity in either of your money houses until the Sun reaches your financial sector on the 20th April, as is the case in most years. With the Sun in your financial sector from the 20th April to the 21st May, Mars from the 11th May to the 21st June, Mercury from the 16th May to the 3rd June and Venus from the 16th May to the 10th June, that's when most of the events that will shape and define matters on the financial front for the year will take place. Yet unlike previous years, when the Sun and the other planets move on, this won't be the end of the story, for on the 5th June Jupiter, planet of luck will move into your financial sector, for the first time since 2000. Jupiter will remain in your financial sector from the 5th June 2011 to the 12th June 2012, kicking off your luckiest financial year in over a decade. Jupiter will still be in your financial sector when Venus returns to your income sector from the 9th October to the 2nd November, Mercury from the 13th October to the 3rd November and the Sun from the 24th October to the 23rd November. This will be the only time that your income sector will be active during what is destined to be a very lucky and expansive year for money, which is likely to give some very mundane income opportunities a leg up.

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