Cancer Horoscope 2012 - 2013 Money

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Cancer, your money horoscope for 2012 - 2013 appears below. It's the third installment of your 2012 horoscope, after Cancer love 2012. Free yearly Cancer astrology for money and income brought to you by Horoscope Astrology Tarot for Cancer throughout 2012 - 2013. You might also like to read your Cancer money horoscope for 2018, and your career and business predictions for the year 2018 are published too.

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Money Horoscope Free 2012 - 2013

  • Cancer 2012 - 2013 Horoscope
    Cancer Zodiac Sign
    You have had your fair share of tough financial years in the past and for a sign that prefers financial stability or certainty; it’s the roller coaster rides you don’t like. It doesn’t really matter if you're dealing with financial challenges or opportunities, for you're equally adept at dealing with and making the most of both, it’s the uncertainty and the constant shifts that you don’t like. Whether fate deals you a good financial year or a bad financial year matters less to you than other signs, so long as it makes up its mind and sticks to one or the other. For the reality is that you take to bad financial years like a duck to water and they usually end up being good years, for you're well versed in turning lemons into lemonade. 2012 is the first year since as far back as 1995 that you’re finally able to get off the roller coaster. For with Neptune in your financial sector since 1998 and Uranus before him, no planet could move through your income sector, at any time of year, without moving into opposition and creating challenges. On the 4th February, Neptune will leave your financial sector, he won’t return in your lifetime and there’ll be no major planetary activity here until 2020, which is destined to be a power financial year. It’s not that Neptune is a problem, for he’s charged with cementing your financial dreams for the future, it’s the potential for ups and downs this creates. Venus is in your financial sector as you move into the New Year, working with Neptune until she leaves on the 14th January to cement your financial desires and dreams for the future. When the Sun moves through your financial sector from the 21st January to the 19th February and Mercury from the 28th January to the 14th February, this will be their last encounter with Neptune here in your lifetime, so they will be working on how to combine the dream and the reality in a way that allows you to move forward with confidence. The real benefit from Neptune’s departure from your financial sector won’t come until the middle months of the year. For when Mercury returns to your income sector from the 26th June to the 1st September and the Sun from the 22nd July to the 23rd July, for the first time since 1995 there’s no pressure, opposition or roadblocks from planets in your financial sector, for there will be none there. The same will be the case when Venus moves through from the 7th September to the 3rd October. Expect the period from Mercury’s arrival on the 26th June to Venus’ departure on the 3rd October to be the most lucrative months of the year.

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