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Your 2013 - 2014 yearly horoscope for Scorpio career covers your job prospects, business, work and employment concerns over the whole year 2013 into 2014. Your career horoscope for 2013 Scorpio is accurate, but it's never been truer that your fate lies in your own hands, with so many economic influences this year. Your Scorpio work life, business potential and career horoscope 2013 is our best free business horoscope for 2013 - 2014!

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  • Scorpio 2013 Horoscope
    Scorpio Zodiac Sign
    Since Uranus, planet of surprise and synchronicity returned to your work sector in 2010 he’s been working to keep you on track, to keep your options open and just when and where you least expect, to bring surprise developments that could see things completely change tack and it will stay that way until 2019. This means that there won’t be a moment in 2013 or for many years to come that things will ever go off the boil and while Uranus may step into the background in quieter times of the year he’s always on the job, always ready to jump out and surprise you. That’s why it’s important not to move into 2013 with a game plan, because that runs the risk of developing tunnel vision or becoming so committed to it being your way or the highway, that Uranus is unable to operate effectively. Uranus rules through the laws of synchronicity, those that put you in the right place at the right time for serendipitous moments or encounters and those Eureka moments that in a heartbeat can change everything. Uranus only turned direct in December 2012, so in the early days of the year he’s moving slowly and in no hurry, though with your income sector still active in the early days of the year there is likely to be a lot more confidence and the ability to use the momentum you have effectively. But with things not really starting to move on the work front until Mars reaches your work sector on the 11th March, you can afford to pace yourself and if you do this will allow you to keep pace with Uranus’ slow increase in speed. A slow and steady start to your new working year does not mean you have a slow and steady year on your hands, with things becoming busy soon enough, just not all at once and right away. Your busiest point in the year will be when Uranus is joined by the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars as they move through your work sector, which they will do in a very short and frenetic 7 ½ week period that kicks off with Mars’ return on the 11th March and ends with Mercury’s departure on the 2nd May. It’s in that period that a New Moon on the 10th April will create the potential for new beginnings or opportunities. After that Uranus is on his own for the rest of the year, however there may be some surprise developments around the time of a lunar eclipse in your work sector on the 19th October. For the first time since 1994 you'll move into the year with the Moon in your career sector and your professional instincts sharp, with the Moon coming full circle to form a Full Moon here on the 27th January. However, it’s not until the middle months of the year that the focus will shift to career matters and your professional situation as a whole. A very active career phase will begin with Venus’ return to your career sector on the 28th June and won’t run its course until Mars leaves on the 16th October.

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