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Your 2014 yearly horoscope for Capricorn career covers your job prospects, business, work and employment concerns over the whole year 2014 into 2015. Your career horoscope for 2014 Capricorn is accurate, but it's never been truer that your fate lies in your own hands, with so many economic influences this year. Your Capricorn work life, business potential and career horoscope 2014 is our best free business horoscope for 2014!

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  • Capricorn 2014 Horoscope
    Capricorn Zodiac Sign
    January is not usually a time of year when you would expect planetary activity in either of your professional houses, with the most active points of any year for work matters playing out in May/June each year and career matters playing out in September/October each year. There have been exceptions to this, like last year when you moved into the New Year with lucky Jupiter in your work sector or between 2010 and 2012, when you had Saturn in your career sector. These are major planets and neither is influencing things on the professional front this year, nor will they for several years. Yet the reality is that you'll not only move into the New Year with your professional hat on, but it will remain on all year and that’s a real anomaly. The only forces that can usually do that are the major planets and as I’ve just said, you have no major planetary activity in either of your professional houses. The culprit is Mars, who having returned to your career sector on the 8th December 2013 is firing up your professional passions and fighting spirit, creating a hunger for success and giving you a competitive edge from the get go. Yet Mars, who usually only spends 6 weeks in any one area of your chart, can give your professional year a massive push start, but the influence shouldn’t envelop the whole year. Two events will transpire to make this a game changing professional year. The first is that instead of leaving Mars will slow down and on the 2nd March will turn retrograde, opening the doors to second chances and an opportunity to pull back until turning direct on the 20th May. By the time Mars eventually leaves on the 26th July he will have completed his longest visit to your career sector in 3 decades. The other event occurs on the 19th February when the North Node makes its first visit to your career sector in 2 decades, one that will run through to November 2015. As well as bringing the element of fate into play and a strong sense of direction, this opens the door to a series of game changing eclipses. The first, a total lunar eclipse, will fall on the 15th April. When Mercury returns to begin your annual update on the 2nd September it will be to find that things have never gone off the boil and with this update not running its course until the 9th November, there’ll be plenty of time to tie up loose ends. A series of serendipitous events will come together to turn what should be a fairly low key and typical professional year into a game changing professional year, with fate and destiny playing a big part in this. Work matters only get a very small look in, with a need to remain focused on job, work and employment during your annual review, which will kick off on the 8th May and run its course on the 19th July. The final weeks of this chapter will coincide with Mars’ final weeks in your career sector, making the middle months of the year the most active and important of your professional year.

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