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This is it, our annual horoscope 2014, Virgo! The first installment of your Virgo horoscope 2014 edition is a broad overview of Virgo love, 2014 money, career and business. Our best free 2014 astrology reading for Virgo outlook in the year ahead. Your Virgo love horoscope for 2014, Virgo career forecast and yearly Virgo money prediction are coming soon! Virgo 2014 horoscope predictions and Virgo yearly astrology readings are published free at Horoscope Astrology Tarot.

2014 Horoscope

  • Virgo Horoscope 2014
    Virgo Zodiac Sign
    Your biggest challenge, especially in the early months of the year, is finding a balance between work and play, not because there are challenges on either front and more because there are opportunities on both fronts fighting for your attention. January is always the month when the fun, playful and romantic influences that you will always move into the year with start to dissipate as your working year kicks in, with a natural transition from one to the other. You will always move into the New Year with the Sun in your romantic and creative sector, but on the 20th January each year he’ll return to your work sector, declaring that it’s time to get your work hat on. Venus and Mercury, who travel with the Sun, may linger on for a few more weeks and in some years they’ve even got to your work sector ahead of time, making that cutover in late January quite extreme. This year, while Mercury will leave this fun, playful and romantically charged part of your chart on the 12th January and the Sun on the 20th January, both shifting their focus to work matters and to getting this new working year off the ground Venus, planet of love won’t have a bar of it. Instead of moving on she’ll do the reverse, literally. For on the 22nd December 2013, just 3 days before Christmas, Venus turned retrograde and will remain in retrograde motion until the 1st February. This means that Venus will not only slow down, but for the whole of January she’ll hold the door open to second chances. By the time Venus eventually leaves on the 6th March she will have completed her longest visit to this fun, playful and romantically charged part of your chart in over 200 years and therefore in your lifetime, something that is going to put a stamp on the whole of 2014. This is why finding a balance between work and play is important, because this happens just as you're getting your new working year up to date, happening during the busiest and most important point in your professional year. By the time Venus eventually returns to your work sector on the 6th March the work forces that came into play when Mercury returned on the 12th January will still be in play. As well as a need to find a balance between work and play this is a chance to combine the two, bringing a lot more fun into your work situation and following your heart when it comes to work matters. While work matters will have to compete with matters of the heart, they will receive some extraordinary support from surprising income developments. Mars, who returned to your income sector on the 8th December 2013, should wrap up his 6 week visit in late January at the latest, but instead won’t leave until the 26th July. This creates some very auspicious income conditions and opportunities in the first half of the years, conditions that will remain in play for the whole year, making this one of the best years in decades for income matters. The first half of 2014 is also an auspicious time for both personal and professional networking, with the second half of the year bringing more of a desire to stay out of the spotlight.

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Virgo compatibility with other zodiac signs in 2014 can be explored through Virgo and partner love and relationship horoscopes for 2014. Check back throughout the coming year ahead 2014, Virgo for the next installment including your free 2014 love horoscopes. Virgo business and work will be explored in your 2014 Virgo career horoscope predictions, work and job forecast and 2014 Virgo money horoscope forecasts!

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