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Will it be good fortune for your income and cash flow in your Virgo money horoscope 2015? The overall financial astrology picture is on the rise and for most signs, cash flow is due to get even better in the year ahead. The 2015 financial horoscope prediction for Virgo is the third installment of your Virgo horoscope 2015. We hope you enjoy the cash money predictions in this full year ahead forecast covering the astrological influences around earned and unearned income such as inheritance, luck and investment income. For riches beyond the material, first read the Virgo love prediction 2015 because money isn't everything in 2015, Virgo. The free yearly Virgo astrology for money and income is brought to you by Horoscope Astrology Tarot and we update weekly, monthly and daily throughout 2015 for up to the minute money forecasts. You might also like to read your Virgo career horoscope 2015 featuring work, job and Virgo business astrology predictions in the year ahead, closely connected to earned income (the second house) as well. Read on for your Virgo 2015 money, income and financial astrology forecast!

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  • Virgo 2015 Horoscope
    Virgo Zodiac Sign
    After the very real financial tensions and roller coaster ride of the last 2 years, what you really want and need is some stability and that’s just what you’ve got this year, as well as a chance to benefit from all that you’ve been through. It was the 8 months that Mars spent in your income sector from December 2013 to July 2014 that created both financial tension and a chance to either smash through or inflict some serious damage on any glass ceilings, especially those in your own mind. The majority of all the planetary oppositions of 2014 played out between Uranus in your financial sector and the planets moving through your income sector and because there were a lot of them and many retrograded backwards and forwards over the same ground, this created a lot of tension. Yet in the process this laid down the foundations and left the income potential that you’re now able to benefit from. This year, with the South Node in your financial sector and the North Node in your income sector until the 12th November, the money gods are still very focused on balance, but so long as the balance between money coming in and money going out is maintained and you achieve an equilibrium that works for you, this is a year where you’re likely to achieve surprising opportunities on both fronts, mainly because of what has already been invested. Because the lunar nodes trigger eclipses, which in turn trigger opportunities, this is where some of this year’s biggest eclipses will fall, including a total lunar eclipse in your financial sector on the 28th September and a total lunar eclipse in your income sector on the 5th April. Both eclipses will fall during the most active points of the year for either financial or income matters, but in opposition, both with the power to bring income and financial matters to a head, turning and/or tipping point. What I mean by this is that the lunar eclipse in your income sector on the 5th April, right in the heart of the most active months of the year for financial matters, will run from the 21st February to the 20th April. At the same time the lunar eclipse in your financial sector on the 28th will fall right in the heart of the most active and potentially lucrative point of the year for income matters, which will run from the 28th August 2015 to the 4th January 2016.

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