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Here they are Pisces, your 2016 yearly horoscope for career, job prospects, work and employment throughout the full year ahead 2016 into 2017 or even 2018. Some Pisces will experience powerful changes in the coming year. Your Pisces career horoscope for 2016 is precise and calculated to be accurate, but as always, your fate is your own, so dig in and be determined to turn things around this year Pisces and continue on your path to success. Your Pisces work life, business potential and Pisces business horoscope 2016 is our best free work and career horoscope for 2016!

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  • Pisces 2016 Horoscope
    Pisces Zodiac Sign
    After so much has been invested on the work front over the past few days, even if Saturn hadn’t been spending his first full year in your career sector in 3 decades and his last for another 3 decades, this was always going to be a huge professional year, one of your biggest ever. It was only last August that Jupiter’s 13-month visit to your work sector ended and it was only in October that Venus’ own epic 4-month visit ended, bringing a 15-month push to an end, one that everything that you will achieve and experience over the coming years will spring from. Apart from the Moon’s monthly visits, the most important of which will trigger a Full Moon on the 24th January, the professional gods are letting work matters unfold naturally, using the momentum gained over the last 2 years to maintain traction. With Mars not visiting your work sector this year, it won’t be until Mercury returns on the 14th July that the most active weeks of 2016 for work matters will begin. Even then, with Mars not visiting this year and the Sun and Venus returning over the coming weeks, but all gone by the 23rd August, this makes July and August the most important months of the year for work matters. However, with the momentum from the last few years and the huge support of not only Saturn in your career sector but Uranus in your income sector, it won’t take much to keep work matters ticking over. Unlike your work sector, which will only be active for just under 6 weeks, there isn’t a moment of 2016 that Saturn won’t be driving things on the career front. Saturn’s influence in your career sector, the power that he gives you to move mountains if you have to, but also the determination to move them one shovel full at a time if need be, is the baseline for the whole professional year, a baseline that is considerably higher than previous years. However, there will be periods throughout the year when things will soar and while this will always be dictated by when the Sun, Mercury and Venus move through, this year the professional gods have a wildcard and that wild card is Mars, planet of passion and the warrior planet of the cosmos. While the Sun left just before Christmas, which he does every year Venus, held back by her retrograde phase in mid 2015, didn’t return until the 30th December, so is still in her early days as you move into the New Year. Not due to leave until the 24th January and teaming up with Saturn for the first time here in 28 years, this gets an already powerful professional year off to a good start.It’s Mars influence that will take things to a whole new level, moving through from the 6th March to the 28th May. This will put Mars here for just under 12 weeks, twice as long as his typical 6-week visit, but more importantly during the most lucrative months of 2016. Not content with that Mars will retrograde back in for a double dip visit from the 3rd August to the 27th September and it’s during that visit that the most active weeks of the year for work matters, from the 14th July to the 23rd August, will play out. Saturn, who is the driving force behind this professional year, won’t be able to believe his luck, able to provide the backbone and structure for professional success while Mars gets in and works with both work and career forces to make things happen.

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