Capricorn 2016 Money Horoscope - Capricorn Yearly Financial Astrology Forecast

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What will income and cash flow be like for Capricorn in 2016? Your Capricorn money horoscope for 2016 gives your detailed financial picture over the year ahead. The 2016 financial horoscope prediction for Capricorn is the third installment of your Capricorn horoscope 2016. This is your cash money prediction and a full year ahead forecast covering the astrological influences around earned and unearned Capricorn income such as inheritance, luck and investment income. For riches beyond money, first read the Capricorn love horoscope 2016 because money isn't everything in 2016, Capricorn. The free yearly Capricorn astrology for money and income is brought to you by Horoscope Astrology Tarot and we update weekly, monthly and daily throughout 2016 for up to the minute money forecasts. You might also like to read your Capricorn career horoscope 2016 featuring work, job and Capricorn business astrology predictions in the year ahead, closely connected to earned income (the second house) as well. Read on for your Capricorn 2016 money, income and financial astrology forecast!

Money Horoscope Free 2016

  • Capricorn 2016 Horoscope
    Capricorn Zodiac Sign
    In any given year the money gods operate for differing amounts of time and under differing conditions through your two money houses and located on opposite sides of the sky and therefore mainly active at opposite points of the year, in a year that is balanced this will see income matters most active in January/February and financial matters most active in July/August. However, in recent years, while that rule still applied on a mundane level, major forces in play screwed things to a point where you had a year that was more dominated by money matters and other years that were more dominated by income matters. What you have in 2016 is a return to a more balanced state of affairs and that bodes well for a balanced year for both money and income matters. Until Neptune left your income sector in 2012 there had been continuous planetary activity in your income sector since 1995, so when Jupiter returned to your income sector in July 2014, there was a huge push to make overall financial and money matters a priority, in order to balance things out. With that achieved what you have as you move into 2016 is a level playing field, with both income and money matters having an advantage that is above the norm, but is again balanced. You’ll begin the year with a lot more financial confidence thanks to the 15 months’ planetary activity in your financial sector from July 2014 to October 2015, which included lucky Jupiter’s 15-month visit and Venus’ 4-month visit. You’ll begin the year with an income advantage due to the fact that Ceres, dwarf planet and goddess of the solar system spent so much time in your income sector, nearly 7 months by the time she leaves on the 29th January. On a mission to get beyond the money to your real income value, needs and priorities, by the time Mercury returns on the 2nd January you’ll be ready to put that to practice. This kicks off the most potentially lucrative income months of 2016, which run from the 2nd January to the 5th March, only to be picked up again later in the year, when Venus makes a rare double visit, from the 8th December 2016 to the 3rd January 2017 and Mars makes his first visit in nearly 2 years, from the 9th November to the 19th December. Unlike the four months that the money gods will focus on income matters, during the first and the last two months of the year it’s during a short period, from the 14th July to the 31st August that you’ll have a chance to take care of any financial housekeeping. Mars won’t visit here this year and Venus will only make one visit, just as the Sun and Mercury return for your annual financial update. This is a short sharp period where you’re able to take care of money matters. Mars won’t visit this year and with the Sun, Mercury and Venus all making their first visit since lucky Jupiter moved through, this should be a short but empowering time of the year for money matters.

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