Monthly Zodiac Astrology Predictions and Forecasts

Monthly astrology for May 2018. Free monthly astrology predictions, forecasts and readings for all zodiac signs. General astrology, monthly relationship astrology and this month's zodiac trends for career and business. Monthly career and financial astrology, free from Horoscope Astrology Tarot.

Monthly Astrology - General

Horoscope Free for May 2018

  • Aries Astrology
    Aries Zodiac Sign
    In a month where there is a lot happening, especially on the income and professional front, you have also reached an important point in a personal journey. In 2010 Uranus, planet of surprise, synchronicity and...Monthly Astrology Aries
  • Taurus Astrology
    Taurus Zodiac Sign
    Whether you are an April or a May born Taurus, this is your month, with the Sun always spending the first three weeks of May in Taurus. To start with this all looks very ordinary....Monthly Astrology Taurus
  • Gemini Astrology
    Gemini Zodiac Sign
    While the Sun doesn't return to Gemini until the 21st May, kicking off your birthday month and new solar year as it does at this time every year, you start the month with Venus already...Monthly Astrology Gemini
  • Cancer Astrology
    Cancer Zodiac Sign
    While a lot of planets are slowing down, with Jupiter in retrograde motion since March and both Saturn and Pluto both spending their first full month in retrograde motion, there is one planet racing ahead....Monthly Astrology Cancer
  • Leo Astrology
    Leo Zodiac Sign
    Despite the fact that you have not only reached a massive month on both the job and career fronts but a game changing point in your professional year, this is being kept in perspective by...Monthly Astrology Leo
  • Virgo Astrology
    Virgo Zodiac Sign
    May is less a month of two halves and more a month of two parallel lanes running at the same time. For at the same time that you have reached a game changing professional month,...Monthly Astrology Virgo
  • Libra Astrology
    Libra Zodiac Sign
    There are a lot of very different themes in play this month, creating a diverse month, but one full of potential and possibilities. This is a good month for both income and job matters. As...Monthly Astrology Libra
  • Scorpio Astrology
    Scorpio Zodiac Sign
    We have less the end of an era on the job front this month and more a transition. Since his return to your work sector in 2010 Uranus has been the driving force on the...Monthly Astrology Scorpio
  • Sagittarius Astrology
    Sagittarius Zodiac Sign
    To start with finding a balance between work and play shouldn't be a problem and that's why you need to take this more seriously than most years. The Sun will always spend the first three...Monthly Astrology Sagittarius
  • Capricorn Astrology
    Capricorn Zodiac Sign
    It was late last month that Mars and Pluto aligned in Capricorn, for the sixth time since Pluto returned in 2008. While Pluto is in Capricorn, from 2008 to 2024, the planets of war and...Monthly Astrology Capricorn
  • Aquarius Astrology
    Aquarius Zodiac Sign
    The focus is always on your home and family situation and matters at this time of year, due to the fact that the Sun will always spend the first three weeks of May in your...Monthly Astrology Aquarius
  • Pisces Astrology
    Pisces Zodiac Sign
    There are a lot of major shifts this month, but the most important development is what is happening personally. For the first time in six years, we have an outer planet changing sign and therefore...Monthly Astrology Pisces

Monthly Relationship Astrology

Monthly love horoscopes and relationship astrology for this month. These romantic monthly astrology readings are free.

Monthly Money and Financial Astrology

Monthly career astrology, business and money horoscopes in the financial astrology pages. Free monthly astrology for work life, business, investment, career and money.

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