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The tarot cards were originally played as a popular card game and still are frequently used this way, especially in Europe. The mystical meaning of the tarot cards originates in the 19th century. Tarot card interpretations derive meaning from the cards in a tarot spread. A spread can contain one or more tarot cards. This section of our website is not devoted to tarot readings. Rather, we will explore tarot cards and their meanings. If you like free tarot cards including spreads and interpretations, we still recommend that you learn about the tarot cards, and explore their rich symbolism and meaning before moving on to our tarot card readings.

Tarot Cards- Major Arcana, Suits and Ranks

The major arcana were the trump cards in the game of tarot, the most powerful cards. The tarot cards of the major arcana are the most widely recognized tarot card images. Tarot cards are numbered and in the major arcana the order is as follows from card 0 through 21, for a total of 22 tarot cards. The other 56 tarot cards are comprised of the 4 suits and 14 ranks within each tarot card suit.

Tarot Card Meanings

Click on any of the tarot cards named below to see the tarot card image, symbolic interpretation and meaning.

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